"Si el plan no funciona
cambia el plan
pero nunca cambies la meta"

Electronic engineer since 2018

Informática 1

Informática 1 Assistance teacher in UTN Córdoba - Argentina.
You can find some of my slides Here

Some of my works on github

gazebo aruco tag generator Script for generate aruco tags in gazebo simulator.

Explore CUDA with Jetson Nano CUDA notes and code for Jetson plafrom

Some of my works on gitlab

Code for jaiio 2019 ROS Running on Docker containers!

Personal interest areas

  • Topological Maps
  • ROS
  • Robotics
  • Search and Rescue applications
  • SoC - System on a chip
  • Machine Learning in computer vision
  • Open Source Software
  • UAV - UGV

    Memeber of a Research center developing robotics application.

  • Programming


  • Vim

    VIM The ubiquitous text editor

  • -

    Ultra Trail running
    Adventure Sports

About Me

Assistant Professor in Computer Science 1 at the UTN of Córdoba. I am currently doing my PhD at the Center for Research in Informatics for Engineering IIC, at the UTN - Córdoba. I like to learn new things, I am proactive, responsible and very analytical. I have facility for teamwork, I am one of the people who can give their 100% under pressure. Currently investigating how to generate maps of unstructured environments using autonomous robots (mainly using drones). Free time photographer and full time scout. Lover of outdoor activities and ultra marathon mountain races.